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A New Direction

Hey everyone!

I wanted to take a moment to tell you a little bit about a recent decision Steve and I made. After prayer, examining listener feedback, and wise council from close friends Steve and I have decided to take the regular program broadcasts in a different direction. YouTube is a great platform for short video broadcasts and we intend to keep our channel on this platform up and going for the purpose of doing quick little videos on topics of interest. However, we will no longer be broadcasting our regular study programs via the YouTube platform. Moving forward, we will be focusing solely upon podcasting for our typical 30-40 minute bible and topic studies. We've already began posting our existing episodes on podcast and will continue to use this as our main media outlet. We are currently uploading these podcasts to iTunes and will soon be adding them to TuneIn as well. Please subscribe to our Feed on those aaplications to continue following us!

Steve and I are exceedingly grateful for everyone's support. Please continue to pray for us as we navigate through the Lord's calling upon our lives. Our only goal in all that we do is to glorify God. We are excited to do more blogging and quick audio/video clips that we'll be posting on the website as well as social media. Do not hesitate to contact us via email or Facebook if you have any questions or comments.

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