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"According to thy Word" Psa 119

.....according to thy word. Psa 119

In reading Psalm 119 I see this phrase occur over and over again, "According to thy word". The Psalmist is asking God for many different things within this Psalm but constantly refers to God's promises found in His word. We must remember that in order to know God, to know His promises, to know what He has promised to do for us, and to know our inheritance, we must know what God has said in His word. Many Christians today do not pick up their bible daily to read about God and His promises. They can not refer to what God has said in His word because they do not know what God has said in His word. We must be in the word of God constantly in order to know our God, what He desires from us, and what He has promised us.

In saying this I must also mentoin that CONTEXT is very important when we look at God's promises. We can not allow pastors, teachers, or writers to fool us by taking a verse in a vacuum and twisting its meaning. We can only defend against this when we are spending time daily in God's word.

A perfect example of this need for context is the verse "I can do all things through Christ..". This verse does not mean if I wake up in the morning I can become President of the United States through Christ, it means that we can get through any of life's circumstances by leaning on Christ as our strength. This verse, among many others has been twisted by false teachers and in many devotionals.

I encourage us all to spend time daily in God's word so that when we call on Him we can refer confidently back to the promises He has given His people!

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